March 26, 2010

Bill France Jr.: The Man Who Made Nascar

There wouldn't be a NASCAR Fantasy Racing game is if wasn't for the men who made the sport. From NASCAR PR's, Herb Branham has written a history of Bill France Jr. and you should take a look at it. Here is the review from

Former NASCAR president, chairman, and CEO William Clifton France known to most people as Bill France Jr. is remembered and revered as the man who followed his visionary father at the helm of NASCAR, in the process becoming a visionary himself, as he guided NASCAR to unprecedented levels of popularity.

Bill Jr. grew up in the formative years of stock car racing, living and learning every detail of the sport from his own experiences, and those of his father, NASCAR founder William Henry Getty France who was known as Bill Sr. or Big Bill. In Bill France Jr: The Man Who Made NASCAR, the life of Bill France Jr. is examined, starting with the day in 1934 when his family arrived at the then-sleepy town of Daytona Beach, Florida.

The biography covers Bill Jr. s role in NASCAR s formative years; his assumption of the NASCAR presidency, replacing his father; the sport s explosion in popularity under his leadership; his courageous battle with cancer throughout the last decade of his life; and his final role, as NASCAR vice chairman and main advisor to NASCAR s third generation leader, his son, Chairman/CEO Brian France.

He combined pragmatism with optimism, an approach that resulted in a calculated and adventurous road to success for NASCAR. That approach was marked always by an inimitable, colorful style now recalled as both endearing and intimidating. Bill France Jr: The Man Who Made NASCAR gives the reader an insider s look at a remarkable life.

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