February 13, 2010

Allmendinger to change engine

A.J. Allmendinger will change engines before for the start of the Daytona 500, according to a tweet from @DustinLong.

Our View The engine was spewing a lot of steam during practice, so this is likely a precaution. Teams are allowed one engine change during the 500 weekend, but this should be his second and will force him to the back of the pack. That shouldn't really matter on a restrictor-plate superspeedway track, however.

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  1. Hey D.B.! I was curious if your doing a qualifying report like you did for Rotowire last year? The one that has the average speeds on it. If not, where can one go to find that info? Thanks

  2. I cldn't sell the idea to anyone this year... Rotowire and NASCAR.com both passed. I've toyed with the idea of creating my own premium offer, but don't know if I will have enough demand.