January 15, 2010

Dan Beaver's Twitter League

Come and play the Yahoo! fantasy racing game with me.

I have always been skeptical about social media until last April when I started using Twitter. I had been providing fantasy racing newsbreakers for NASCAR.com and Fanball.com for several years and I was originally looking for another way to get those to my readers. As I became more involved with Twitter, however, I found out this is a great way to interact.

So – this year, I decided to set up my own user-created league in the Yahoo! fantasy game. It is open to anyone who wants to join me, but user-created leagues are limited to 50 players, so sign up quickly just in case there is an overwhelming response.

Signing up is simple and free. Simply log onto Yahoo! Sports and navigate to the fantasy racing page (http://racing.fantasysports.yahoo.com/auto). Click on the “join a group” button and follow the instructions.

The league name is: DanBeaversTwitterLeague
Group ID: 4035
Password: twitter

The more the merrier, so feel free to invite any of your friends who want to join in. If we max the group out this year (50 players), we will probably make it an unlimited group next year and maybe get Yahoo! to promote the game a little heavier on the front page—and that means even more bragging rights to the winner.

This year, we will continue to make fantasy racing newsbreakers available via my Twitter account: @FantasyRace, so if you haven't already done so, take a minute to follow me. If you turn on the device updates, you will get the information on your cell phone (standard text rates apply) and you will have the information as soon as I post it on my Blog.

Play Yahoo! fantasy racing

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  1. Are you gonna start another league? I want to play against some good competetion and the league is full.