July 31, 2009

Lowe's will not resume naming rights with Charlotte track

After 11 years, Lowe's has decided not to renew naming rights with the track, according to Sports Business Journal. The two sides could not reach an agreement on a price, which Charlotte wished to be $9 million annually.

Our View Just when we were getting used to calling it Lowe's Motor Speedway. It is expected that the name will return to Charlotte Motor Speedway in 2010.

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  1. So sad, first Chevrolet has to pull out of was it 8 or so tracks and now Lowes pulling out. What next? Next thing we know, it will be the ISCAR. We are loosing our American home base. I am from the south, although, I am glad that drivers from all over the US have a chance to drive in NASCAR. Though, I do not approve of Toyota being in the series. Guess it is my southern roots and I feel that NASCAR doesn't give a hoot about the fans and people who actually brought this sport to where it is today. I am sick of Toyota being rammed down our throat. Yes, I know people can make an arguement that they are manufactured in the US now, but it is not the same. And I don't see any difference in the fan base. I pride my faith to HMS and Chevy. I am sure I will get haters replying, but oh well, I have grown up on NASCAR since I was born, and Rick Hendrick is doing it without the help of Chevrolet right now. That is one class act organization. And I believe in Ford. If a Chevy can't win a race, I want a Ford to. Just my opinion, We are losing our last American sport. Sad, so sad! HMSvettegirl from TX